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>> this week, both weekly addresses focused on the boston marathon bombings. first president obama, then the republican address by senator tim scott of south carolina. on monday, an act of terror killed and injured people at the boston marathon. but americans refused to be terrorized. ultimately that's what we'll remember from this week. the stories of heroism and kindness, resolve and resilience, generosity and love. the brave first responders, police officers and firefighters, the e.m.t.'s and national guard, who ran toward danger to help their fellow citizens. the race volunteers, spectators and exhausted runners who rushed to help, including troops and veterans who never expected to see such scenes on the streets of america. the determined doctors and nurses at some of the world's best hospitals who toiled day and night to save so many lives. the big hearted people of boston. residents, priests, shopkeepers, who carried victims in their arms and delivered water and blankets, lined up to give blood, opened their homes up to total strangers. and the heroic federal agents and poli
. that is the early verdict from house republicans about president obama's budget proposal. >> jon: noooo! it can't be dead. they sent me one. no air holes in it. i'm sure it's fine. i'm sure... noooo! not today, budget. not today. ( cheers and applause ) >> jon: why, these are just scripts for the photocopied budget cover. i've been lying to everybody. all right. but that's just it. the right doesn't like anything obama does. how does the left feel >> furious democrats upset about entitlements >> very disappointed. that is one big pile of [bleep]. >> jon: well, the senator from jurassic park is correct. so finally barack obama brings republicans and democrats together in shared dislike. the president's mow joe seems to be fading. even his jump shot seems to be gone. the brick layer in chief recently going 2-for-22 on his home court. i don't want to say anything, but someone is laughing at him right now. "even i can lay up. i mean, come on." can obama regain his mow joe on the fund-raising circuit? >> president obama is getting some heat for his comments about california attorney general kamala h
interrogation team for high-value suspects. >> president barak obama and republicans used their weekly addresses to celebrate the resolve americans demonstrated after the attack on the boston marathon. in the address obama emphsized that "the world witnessed one sure and steadfast truth: americans refuse to be terrorized." >> ultimately, that's what we'll remember from this week. that's what will remain. stories of heroism and kindness; resolve and resilience; generosity and love. in the days to come, we will remain vigilant as a nation. and i have no doubt the city of boston and its surrounding communities will continue to respond in the same proud and heroic way that they have thus far - and their fellow americans will be right there with them every step of the way. may god bless the people of boston and the united states of america. >> now lets take a look back.the terror all started on patriot's day in massachusetts. monday, april 15th. but it was yesterday -- april 19th -- when america could first breathe a sigh of relief. here is kron 4's pam moore with a timeline of what happened in betwe
: lies, misinformation and a deliberate coverup. conclusions of house republicans on how the obama administration handled the benghazi terror attack. democrats in the white house are firing back. this is "special report." >> good evening, i'm bret bamplet as a new terror investigation is underway in boston, researchers for five republican controlled house committees have come out with a scathing indictment of the obama administration's response to the september 11th terror attack in benghazi, libya that left four americans dead. including the u.s. ambassador. national security correspondent jennifer griffin has details tonight from the pentagon. good evening, jennifer. >> greenk, bret. fox news has obtained a progress report prepared by members of the house republican conference on events surrounding the september 11th attacks in benghazi. it concludes the administration's reaction was, quote: a concerted attempt to insulate the department of state from blame following the terrorist attacks. the report was prepared by the chairman of the armed services foreign affairs judiciary ov
in washington. investigators say early tests on letters sent to president obama and mississippi republican senator roger wicker were positive for ricin. that's a deadly poison. 6,000 times more poisonous, they say, than many other items e% say preliminary tests can be wrong and they're waiting for final results. officials say they intercepted both letters before they got to the white house or the capitol building. mike emanuel is live on the hill there. there are some similarities between the two letters. what are they? >> well, bill, that's right. an fbi operations bulletin obtained by fox reveals similarities. both were postmarked memphis, tennessee on april the 8th. there was some identical wording. and the same signature imkc and i approve this message. at the white house we received this update. >> there was a letter sent to, addressed to the president, that at an off site mail facility wases noticd to have contained a suspicious substance and tests were undertaken. the fbi has the lead in that investigation. >> important to note that both letters did not reach the white house or the
officials have promised the grand prix will go ahead. u.s. president barack obama has criticized republican senators for rejecting gun control legislation. the bill would have extended background checks on gun buyers. victims of gun violence were on hand to witness the bill's defeat. >> those campaigning for tighter gun laws always knew they'd face an uphill battle in congress. even to push through one of the least controversial measures expanding background checks on people who want to buy guns. it got a majority, but still failed because republicans forced what's known as a super majority, 60 votes. >> the amendment is not agreed to. the mother of one gun atrocity victim yelled out her dismay. >> shame on you! >> at the white house, a frustrated president obama blamed the defeat in part on the efforts of pro-gun groups to misrepresent the legislation. willful lies, he called it. >> and unfortunately, this pattern of spreading untruths about this legislation served a purpose. because those lives upset an intense minority of gun owners, and that in turn intimidated a lot of senators. >> joi
than two hours. but here we have two letters one sent to president obama and republican senator both intercepted at an off-campus processing center both testing positive for rice and that is what authorities are looking into right now. that takes between 24 and 48 hours to determine if that was present also filters that a second government facility show preliminary testing positive for ricin than a number of suspicious package and a letter alerts on capitol hill that have been cleared but still local offices of u.s. senators in different states reporting they have suspicious packages which could be common for a heightened state of emergency in the summary get a number of tourists that leave bags and packages even a kids leaving the backpacking and it creates panicked. it has become almost routine for a with a high incidence of security continuing as the investigation in boston continues. cheryl: following a few breaking news stories we are getting more breaking news and want to give this to use security officials have just now cleared the boston courthouse ordering staff attorneys an
in the negotiations. they believe president obama has no credibility with house republicans. they are afraid he is too happy to use it as a political issue against them. to are uniquely positioned be able to do this. you describe your role? should president obama stay quiet and in the white house? are there call sicken me that will not ruin this? -- calls he can make that will we said you need to go around this question and make sure that everybody understands what is necessary and to educate the american public about the importance and urgency. --'s some of it is decided you know some of it is decided to show to members of the press. the president had to call john mccain. he had to apologize for doing that. it seems like we gave him good advice. system was way the decided. i have hoped that it will be based on trust. i think we can share with one another. i will be with paul ryan. judge karcher is calling to the meeting at noon with the chamber of congress in san antonio. they are coming forward so we can have a discussion with the american people. we continue to talk about the flight -- the plight o
republicans. >> obama: families that know unspeakable grief summoned the courage to petition their elected leaders, not just to honor the memory of their children, but to protect the lives of all of our children. a few minutes ago, a minority in the united states senate decided it wasn't worth it. >> michael: the amendment's odds looked so dim that joe manchin took to the senate floor this morning to make background a national security issue, by tying it to the fbi's most-wanted terrorist. >> our gun laws are so outdated and so out of whack that even this person who wants to do damage and harm to every american, even this american has figured out how to exploit them to arm themselves and people like him in our country. >> michael: connecticut senator chris murphy saw the result coming from a mile away. last night he tweeted . . . murphy of course represents newtown. in the 241 days since the slaughter of 20 school children and six educators, at least 3,482 americans have died in gun violence. that's about 134 new townes since newtown. these senators democrats and repu
. jenna: the letters mailed to president obama, republican senator robert wicker and a mississippi judge were signed with the initials kc. the sign off read, i'm kc and i a prove of this message. of course that is a play on what politicians say the a the end of tv ads. investigators have put together a huge list of potential suspects. curtis had an unusual link to senator wicker, he had worked as an elvis impersonator and apparently performed at a party hosted by wicker years ago. he is still being held in a jail in mississippi. his lawyers are arguing that he should be allowed to be at his home until the trial is held. they say that the feds simply don't have enough evidence to link him to that crime, but the evidence could become public later today. jenna. jenna: we'll look for that development, heather, thank you. >> reporter: thanks. jon: some big problems happening now, flooding is causing huge troubles across the midwest. heavy rains last week causing the mississippi and other rivers to surge across six states causing at least three deaths. now we are looking ahead to yet another s
suspicious letters addressed to president obama and republican senator roger wicker and law enforcement sources say they have a person of interest, so we expect the investigation is moving forward. it's important to note both of these letters were stopped at offsite facilities, so they did not get close to the white house or the united states capitol. at the white house, jay carney says the president's been briefed and offered this update. >> the f.b.i. has a lead for determining whether a suspicious powder is a dangerous substance such as risin. and those take place at accredited facilities and they take a certain amount of time, as the f.b.i. has indicated. these procedures are in place. the procedures are effective and in operation now and we are in the midst of that process, which the f.b.i. is your taking at this time -- undertaking at this time. >> heightened security has brought heightened security activity on capitol hill, suspicious package was delivered to the office of alabama republican senator richard shelby. it was cleared. the bomb squad was sent to the heart senate offic
containing ricin to president obama, republican senator roger wicker and a mississippi official. curtis was arrested at his home in mississippi. fortunately both letters sent to the president and senator wicker were intercepted before they ever reached anyone. that case, at least there's been progress made with regard to what happened there in washington. >>steve: back to our top news story on this thursday morning, and it is a fox news alert, we continue to keep a close watch on the explosion in texas. casey steagall is standing by. how many people do we know confirmed dead? how many hurt? we understand that whole region around the plant, this looks like a nuke went off. >> it looks a little bit more like a war zone. in fact, a representative with the texas department of public safety came out of there earlier and said it really looked like something you would see perhaps on the streets of baghdad or in kabul, afghanistan. it is difficult to get your mind around what has happened there because when the explosion happened just right before 8:00 local time last night, the sun was going d
we got off course fiscalically was there was barack obama and even george w. bush. the republicans who controlled congress lost their commitment to fiscal discipline by naight. they were -- they felt they had lost the government shut down battle and then eventually the interdispute within among congressional republican in favor of raining in government spending particularly dealing with entitlement the more big government they won the debate within the party. followed by george w. bush who believed a political liability for the g.o.p. was the fact they attempt budget cuts. he made the statement ha he didn't want to balance the budget on the back of the poor. he talked about compassionate conservativism, he was going to be a different kind of republican. unif plrmt i he wasn't. if you look at the experience of the nixon administration. the first bush administration, the ford administration, growing government has been the norm. it's been the trend. but george w. bush, i think took it to another level. he was a guns and butter spending increase president. and i think he undercut the
do, let's stop obama. republicans, wake up to rick the 90/10 want gun control. people all around the country want to elect this president and want to get his agenda to help this country. host: we will take a look at the prospects for gun control later on this morning. let's go to virginia, the independent line. caller: i just wanted to say that immigration has long been overdue, and we should not have any reason to put it off any more than we have. fromnot see the connection boston to immigration. you can never stop anybody that is wanting to do harm. the same thing in connecticut, the newtown shootings, anything like that. it is sporadic, no matter how much legislation you have, over immigration, gun control, anything like that. i do not think we can afford to put it off any longer in what we are ready have. tom in michigan, republican. amler: good morning, i calling on the immigration thing. i had not followed it as closely as i should have in the papers the last couple of months, but let's speed up- the immigration reform process. legislation passed that will limit where immig
and a republican senator. it was backed by president obama, but faced fierce opposition from the national rifle association. a ban on assault weapons also failed. along with the bid to block the sale of high capacity ammunition clips. tonight we know the name of the suspect. who is believed to have mailed letters filled with a deadly poison to president obama and a mississippi senator. >> federal agents say, they have arrested 45-year-old paul kevin curtis of mississippi. the deadly substance. known as ry-sin. both letters were intercepted at screening facilities.and both were post-marked memphis tennessee - april 8th. the white house says, staffers followed a careful drill in handling the letters.and no one was injured. >> jacqueline: it was a new warmer day today. '70s but along the coast we saw cooler conditions with upper 50s and 60s. tonight, clear skies and mild. again, that warming trend will continue for the weekend. the satellite and radar showing clear skies. high-pressure is driving this storm to this north of us. it will stay sunny and warm. temperatures of the door to more will be
to be contained in receipters sent to president obama and a republican senator did test positive as ricin. further tests are being done. it's a poison sometimes lumped in with other agents and it can be deadly. abc news reporter with more now from washington, d.c.. >> in malmaryland letter was suspicious substances were discovered tlrk news comes that a letter to be delivered to the white house tested positive for ricin. >> any time a suspicious powder is located it's tested at remote sites to mitigate risk to recipients and general population. >> positive results came from tests in the field. all leters being tested again in a laboratory to get another result. in a statement fbi says the investigation into these leters remains ongoing and more leters stay mai still be received. there is no indication of a connection to the attack in boston. sources say they're postmarked out of memphis, tennessee dated april 8. a source says the mess message reads to be wrong and not expose it is to be a silent partner to its continuance, i am kc ask a prove this message. >> boy like to congratulate for this thre
and most people who want recreational pot voted for obama. the republicans have been talking about how they need to reach out to latinos and black people but i don't hear any of them talk about legalizing pot. also another thing is this. at the beginning of the year there was about 15 minutes on c-span and you had a man on that was pro and then you had a man on, a republican congressman from the heritage foundation again that was against pot, the legalization of pot. it was the same thing like today. i heard earlier on talking about how there are for limited government and yet these guys come out against legalized pot. >> host: thanks for your comments. we will get an answer from beau kilmer. >> guest: no, if you look at the latest polls a study done by pew that got a lot of attention a couple of weeks ago and it came out that 52% of the respondents approved of legalizing marijuana use. there has been a big change over time. there was another poll, gallup organization doing the same poll over time and we know that in the mid-90s if you look when people ask the question do you -- google
. those letters addressed to president obama and mississippi republican senator roger wicker. we have learned the suspect is a man from tupelo, mississippi, a man with a long history of sending letters to lawmakers in washington. investigators say that early tests on those letters were positive. that mail never came close to the president or the senator for that matter. they set off alarms though in postal screening facilities away from the white house and away from chill. i want to start our coverage this hour now with mike emanuel who is live on capitol hill and there is a lot we can report now that we could not several hours ago. what do we have now. >> that's right, bill. we can tell you the man's name is kenneth curtis, he is from tupelo, mississippi. the arrest made we understand this evening unclear whether charges will be filed tonight or tomorrow and where they will be filed you better believe federal law enforcement and prosecutorial people talking about exactly how to proceed from this point. we know that these letters addressed to president obama and senator roger wicker,
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president obama slamming the shameful republicans who voted against 90% of the court. >>> plus, new incredible stories of survivors from the boston attacks and the heroes who saved them. stay with us. welcnew york state, where cutting taxes for families and businesses is our business. we've reduced taxes and lowered costs to save businesses more than two billion dollars to grow jobs, cut middle class income taxes to the lowest rate in sixty years, and we're creating tax free zones for business startups. the new new york is working creating tens of thousands of new businesses, and we're just getting started. to grow or start your business visit governor of getting it done. you know how to dance... with a deadline. and from national. because only national lets you choose any car in the aisle... and go. you can even take a full-size or above, and still pay the mid-size price. this is awesome. [ male announcer ] yes, it is, business pro. yes, it is. go national. go like a pro. >>> we are learning more from the victims and heroes of boston. chris jansing has been
for the furloughs. now, republicans are blaming obama. there was a hash tag they were trying to get trending, obama flight delays yesterday. i don't know if that worked. >> catchy. >> what effect is all of this, this blame game stuff. what is that going to have on budget politics? >> i think the easy answer, but i think the correct one is that it is a pox on both the houses and the presidency. the fact is people don't distinguish that much for the most part if they're fair-minded. it is true the president suggested using the sequester tool as part of the negotiations. if you want to blame him, you can. but yes, it is true that the republicans refused to go along with even one more dime of revenue increases to try to make the fiscal cliff deal happen without having to resort to this. so there's blame to go all around. i think the overall political effect is to sour people even further on washington. to inculcate the notion that washington is the place where change goes to die. where results never happen. where deals are never cut. and i think ultimately, both the republican leadership and the presid
at remote sites to mitigate the repeat of recipients. >>> a visibly angry president obama is calling this a shameful day after most senate republicans and a handful of democrats combined to vote down key measures intended to tighten federal gun control laws. >> the amendment is not agreed to. >> in rapid succession, the senate blocked measures that would have expanded background checks for gun purchase. president obama met with the victims of the newtown school shooting victims. he denounced senators who he said caved to political pressure. >> families that know unspeakable grief summon the petition to fight there local leaders not to honor the memory of their children, but to protect the lives of all of our children. >> a few minutes ago, a minority in the united states senate decided it wasn't worth it. they blocked common sense reforms even while these families looked on from the senate gallery. >> it vowed they would do everything they can to protect americans without congress. he says the 20 children demand it. >> at&t is offered a $250,000 reward for information on what investi
is the suspect as he was apprehended last night, it comes as top republicans urged president obama to hold this suspect as an enemy combatant. that would deny him legal rights under the laws of war. is that the way to go? joining me now, jay, chief counsel for law and justice, and julia, democratic strategist and former chief counsel of the house judiciary committee. you have two extremes here. you have folks like the the aclu, to be afforded all the same rights and treated the same way any of the three of us would if we were involved in robbing the corner store. and then you have the other side, graham and mccain who say, enemy combatant, no miranda, et cetera. jay, where do you fall on it? >> i think the department of justice right now has done the right thing by utilizing the public policy exception to the mirandaizing. that gives the department of -- >> explain briefly what that is. >> if in fact based on evidence that this plot was more extensive. if it is more extensive, and we have no evidence of any of this, the government's going to find that out quickly. then they can make the de
republicans said the obama administration record is poor but they say something needs to be done but 11 million undocumented immigrants are not going to leave the u.s. 70% of their workers are in the u.s. illegally and they want to work towards becoming u.s. citizens. farmers in california are struggling and have an inconsistent supply of workers. >> it's as close to coming to a national crisis with respect to retaining this country's agricultural prowess as anything. >> reporter: the bipartisan immigration bill proposed could help some of the 10% unemployed people in california and this would proof they first advertised jobs to americans before hiring people from other countries. beal see what the -- we'll see what the top priority is in the next hour when i see you next. kyla campbell ktvu channel 2 morning news. >>> battery system used in the boeing dreamliner is just getting underway. they want to know why the problems with the lithium batteries were not detected when they were in service around the world. they have approved a redesign system and boeing is now installing those batte
on letters mailed to president obama and republican senator roger wicker that contained ricin. the letters increased ricin, and now the final analysis, according to sources to fox, absolutely unequivocally contained ricin. authorities made an arrest last night. neither letter reached their destination in the white house or u.s. senate. back to you. dennis: thank you. nevermind tax pain, but what gout tax gain? thank you to the tax man. cheryl: tax pain is easy to think of the irs, but coming up, how 24 agency employees scammed the government and taxpayers out of big bucks, and they did it under the boss' nose. that would be uncle sam. looking at the oil contracts before break. we are, again, blow $90 a barrel, 87.52 on oil. take a look at that. ♪ , and save your money. joe doesn't know it yet, but he'll work his way up from busser to waiter to chef bere opening a restaurant specializing in fish and game from the great northwest. he'll start investing early, he'll finde good people to help guide him, and he'll set money aside from his first day of work to his last, which isn't rocket scie
, two other letters have reportedly tested positive for a poison, one addressed to president obama, another to mississippi republican senator roger wicker. both discovered, stopped and tested at a postal facility. >> the mail is screen and these tests were undertaken at remote sites to mitigate risks to the general population. >> reporter: both sent out of memphis. one quote from the letter, to see a wrong and not expose it is to become a silent partner to its continuance. another letter is under investigation. back here in d.c., even the tourists feel the added police presence at the capitol. >> you can feel it, walking around, after boston. things are just a little more tense. >> we ran into senator dianne feinstein just near this spot on the third floor of the senate russell building after the lockdown. no word of any arrests or injuries. >> reporter: packages and letters were all tested, all cleared. in washington, scott mcfarland, ktvu channel 2 news. >>> more details here on the poison itself. what makes it such a serious threat is there is no known antidote. one person was k
this one from february 28, rick cline an obama supporter, pointing out that the republicans offered obama the keys to undo all of this, to soften the blow, make sure the money we cut was quality of life improvement programs. he is has decided to inflict as much pain as possible on the american people for a purely political reasons. >> megyn: leslie? >> how much time do i have. i am touched that you and fellow republicans are so concerned about my traveling from l.a. to orlando with two toddlers tomorrow with an additional two and a half hour delay. thank you. i know how concerned you are. no, chris, you guys had an opportunity when you talk about opportunities to sit down and not even have the sequester happen. do you remember when the president listed all the areas that would be affected with cuts one of which was air traffic control. you also remember republicans saying at that time, it was a fear tactic. it wouldn't happen. now that it is happening, he is making it happen for political reasons. air traffic as union employees, union back democrats. the unions say then and now that was a
of immigrant rights' adva cats talk about your role in these negotiations. they that president obama has no credibility with house republicans on a number of different issues but this one in particular. he's too happy to use it as a political issue against them. essentially, their argument is that you -- you're uniquely positioned to be able to do this, because you've earned trust with them. first, how do you describe your role in that? and what's the best role for president obama as this bill goes through congress? should he stay quiet and stay in the white house? are there calls he can make that won't ruin this? what's the best role for him? >> first of all, when i spoke, the president called a few of us to a meeting last january and asked us for our advice. a few of us, suggested him not to draw up a bill. we said to him, mr. president, you need to go around this country and use that bully pulpit to make sure that everybody understands what is necessary and to explain and educate the american public about the importance of comprehensive immigration and the urgency. but we asked him no
background checks. the bill needed 60 votes to overcome a republican filibuster, but it came up six votes short. president obama called it a shameful day in washington. >> 90% of americans support that idea. most americans think that's already the law. and a few minutes ago 90% of the democrats in the senate voted for that idea. but it's not going to happen because 90% of the republicans in the senate just voted against that idea. >> president obama was joined in the rose garden by former congresswoman gabrielle giffords and families of the sandy hook school shootings. >> when we return, another look at this morning's top story. we'll go live to west, texas, for an update on the deadly plant explosion. update on the deadly plant explosion. dy. for the times you need to double-check the temperature on the thermometer, be ready. for high fever, nothing works faster or lasts longer. be ready with children's motrin. or lasts longer. parebut not on your face. juvÉderm® xc is the gel filler your doctor uses to instantly smooth out lines right here. temporary side effects include redness, pain
to mississippi republican senator roger wicker, the second to president obama -- tested preliminarily for ricin. both were quarantined at a post office screening facility miles away in maryland. built after the anthrax attacks that killed five and injured 17 across the nation in 2001. >> the president -- i'm sure you will ask this. the president has, of course, been briefed on these letters. he was briefed last night and again this morning. >> reporter: the fbi said both were postmarked memphis, tennessee, on april 8. they used the same language. quote, to see a wrong and not expose it is to become a silent partner to its continuance. a phrase often used by radical groups. both letters are signed, i am kc and i approve this message. a third letter went to democratic senator carl levin's office in saginaw, michigan. a staffer who opened the letter there has been hospitalized protectively until tests are done. haz-mat teams searched jeff flake's office in phoenix but found nothing suspicious. >> we have had situations where there have been ricin scares. until this date there's never been any prov
republicans want president obama to make his decision. senator hoeven personally lobbied the president at a gop dinner with him last month. senator hoeven, good morning to you. i want to get to keystone in a minute but first what's going on in boston. what are the remaining questions you'd like authorities to answer? >> clearly we need to find out more about these guys, why they were doing these terrible things and this heinous attack on our people and really on our country and also we need to find out what the fbi knew, what questions did they ask, tamerlan tsarnaev and what did they know ahead of time and we need to find out as much as we can to try to prevent this kind of attack in the future. >> do you think this should have any impact on the immigration debate or do you think this is a side washington argument? >> you know, it may have some impact but remember, with immigration we're trying to solve the problem. this is a huge problem we need to solve. we've got to bring people out of the shadows. we've got to enforce the border. so it may have some impact but we still have got to
sequester, forcing thousands of air traffic controllers to take unpaid leave. but republicans blame the obama administration for selectively choosing which cuts would make us all feel the most pain. take a listen to kansas senator jerry moran earlier today. >> it seems as if politics is playing a significant role in the determining what actions the faa are taking, and every indication that i have from conversations with my colleagues is it emanates from the white house. >> all right. here to talk about what i call the phony crisis and the obama democrats' attempt to raise $1.2 trillion in taxes is texas republican congressman, vice chair of the joint economic committee, my friend brady. and democratic strategist steve mcmann and's guy benson here with me. mr. kevin brady, welcome. i know you blasted the irs for their fur lows. but i want to just put up -- i don't know if you can see this, probably not. i'm going to read the numbers. we're going to show you that the faa has had a massive -- that's the blue line. they've gone from about $2 billion all the way up to over $
this week on a sweeping new immigration bill. republican senator john mccain and democratic senator chuck schumer outlined the bill to president obama tuesday. the legislation drafted by four democrats and four republicans would provide a 13-year path to citizenship for illegal immigrants in this country. it would also create new visa programs for skilled workers. >>> and they say parting is such sweet sorrow. an airport worker delivered his resignation letter on this cake. it went viral when his brother posted it on twitter. he's leaving to form what else? his own cake shop. try our delicious new freshly made lunch pizzas on our house-baked pan crust served with soup or salad and made to order. chili's new $6 lunch break combos. more life happens here. then you'll love lactose-free lactaid® it's 100% real milk that's easy to digest so you can fully enjoy the dairy you love. lactaid®. for 25 years, easy to digest. easy to love. before i do any projects on on my at angie's list, you'll find reviews written by people just like you. i love my contractor, and i am so thankful to angi
. and neither democrats nor republicans seem to like it. republicans won't behaving any of mr. obama's tax hikes and higher spending and democratsup set the president wants smaller increases in payments to retiees. his $3.7 trillion proposal amounts to the largest budget in miles per hour history. it doesn't come lose to balaing. deficits in perpetuity. the president looking for easy within on gun control and has be pushing hard for krong to produce. the first major gun control legislation in two decades. but it's up clear what they can get through congress. they have a limit on magazine capacity have no chance of passage. the rest is purely window dressing on an issue that the untry takes farmore seriously than the presiden originally estimated. we will take it up tonight with senator ted cruz who emerged on the first year in washington as p with of his party's national leaders. the head of the national rifle assoation wayne lapierre joins us as well. other stories we're covering, north korean leader kim jong un taking the rhetoric to new highlights, issuing daily-threat against south korea. fo
. if president obama is able to accomplish immigration reform, and some republicans wanted to happen, it would be a big legacy for all involved, something that president george w. bush was unable to accomplish and that president obama was unable to accomplish in his first term. capitol hill right now sees that as the last opportunity for really big piece of legislation, a legacy piece of legislation to occur. i don't think we'll have any resolution on this until july, august, september, so we have to be patient. we are going to see may twists and turns, but the reason why the gun measure ended up failing and why immigration seems to have a chance, both parties have an interest in getting something done on immigration. many republican leaders see this as something they need to do as well to make sure that 2012 elections, when they lost latinos by huge margin, does not happen again. july-september is probably the time frame you would get any kind of agreement. if you or someone hoping there is going to be a grand bargain, was, don't get your hopes up. however, look to the appropriations process
senior and representative greg, the chairman of the house republican called obama's plan a shocking atab on seniors. >> guest: i don't agree with those comments. the budget committee democratic colleague of mine from wisconsin made an interesting point, which is it's difficult to present a comprise budget when you haven't done the work. it takes comprise. and, you know, i'm encouraged that the president put this idea in the budget. i'm discouraged he's tied any discussion on the reforms to further tax increases. and i also think a lot of work is going to need to be done before we can get a working comprise to congress. >> host: it brings up the debt limit debate that is coming up in the weeks ahead. are you a no-vote on raising the debt limit if there's not a grand bargain on spending? >> guest: well, grand bargain can have a broad dpef in -- definition. [laughter] this is what i would say it's a major event when we raise the deadline. the speaker, for example, has had a rule in place, baner rule that said any increase should be accompanied by a similar reconstruction in spending. i don'
to die. now, you know, president obama's second term with republicans in the majority in the house, it's the senate that's cooking things up and then it goes over to the house where it will die and never see the light of day. >> luke, final question to you. the other sort of activity on the hill today, ricin letters, various packages, suspicious packages. what are you hearing in terms of the mood on the hill today in terms of that? >> look, i don't think people should really read too much into this. if you think president obama, he's been in office now almost five years. and if you don't think this has happened to some capacity, that suspicious letters have been sent to him or other senators on the hill, it definitely has. we're just very hypervigilant now. folks on capitol hill are used to this. it's one of the most dangerous places in the world to work. it's something people accept there. they're not fearful of it. people were expecting it this week. there was going to be a lot of bomb scares. you were going to see suspicious packages, substances fgalore. no one's really batting an e
. neither democrats nor republicans seem to like it. republicans won't have any of mr. obama's tax hike and higher spending andteams upset the president wants smaller indecrease in payment to retiree. the $3.7 trillion proposal amounts to the largest budget in american history. it doesn't come close to balancing, deficits in perpetuity. the president looking for easy win on gun control and looking for congress to produce the first major fun control legislation in two decades. but it's unclear what the president can get through congress. they agree there is no chance of passage for limit on magazines and the rest is window dressing on an issue that the country takes more seriously than the president originally estimated. he will take all of that up with ted cruz who emerged on the first year in washington as one of the party's national leaders. wayne lapierre will join us as well. other stories, kim jong un taking his bellicose rhetoric to new heights issuing daily threats against the united states and south korea. fox news military analyst, four-star general jack keane weighs in. >> sen
flights before noon s delayed. congressional republicans say, bull. they charge obama administration is structuring cuts to make them as painful and obvious as possible. >> federal reserve chairman ben bernanke will not be at jac jacn hole sim this year. my next guest said that we're seeing a slowdown in the economy after a stock first quarter, joining us, wells fargo chief economist, john sylvia, you see a slowdown here? >> there is a slowdown that is what bothered market, stock market a little bit, we a single family housing stocks, retail sales disappointing. building into the commodity market, chinese economic growth is disappointing. people at the inning of year think this economy will take off, and earnings will be strong, then as year goes down they tamper down those expectations. >> you know there is one stock that stands a metaphor, caterpillar, we see them with disappointining results off 42 their earnings, because they are off in the mining sector, but they tell us about good news, just the op ship of what said in -- opposite of what you said in china in their outlook. >>
. and neither democrats nor republicans seem to like it. republicans won't be having any of mr. obama's tax hikes and higher spending and democratsup set the president wants smaller increases in payments to retireees. his $3.7 trillion proposal amounts to the largest budget in miles per hour history. it doesn't come close to balancing. deficits in perpetuity. the president looking for easy within on gun control and has be pushing hard for krong to produce. the first major gun control legislation in two decades. but it's up clear what they can get through congress. they have a limit on magazine capacity have no chance of passage. the rest is purely window dressing on an issue that the country takes far more seriously than the president originally estimated. we will take it up tonight with senator ted cruz who emerged on the first year in washington as up with of his party's national leaders. the head of the national rifle association wayne lapierre joins us as well. other stories we're covering, north korean leader kim jong un taking the rhetoric to new highlights, issuing daily-threat again
obama speaking yesterday at the interfaith service. here is the "washington times" -- we're getting your response to the news out of massachusetts this morning. robert is on the phone from california in oroville. republican caller. caller: how are you? they got one. host: what are you looking to happen next? caller: let's just get the other guy. democrat.ey in ohio, your turn. caller: how are you? i believe we have to go back to the basics. stop letting all the o coie us what to do. we have to saying the pledge of allegiance of the flag in our schools. we need to go back to our churches and back to basic respect. that's what we are missing. read these things are all negative. you can turn on the tv and see that every day. when i was coming up, i saw "leave it to beaver" and "father knows best." those are all positive things. i believe there's just too much and too manyg on people saying that's ok. that's where the problem is. not all the problems, b that's where we have to go back to basics. to just becool negative. it's ok to be a good person. it's ok to say i love my moth
on this is interesting. republicans agree agree 64-54. and now the republicans are saying watch out for the constitution and don't worry about protecting us. is this where they're saying if obama is in charge then i'm agreeing with the constitution. it's a fascinateing paradigm shift. >> it absolutely is fascinating. and when you put it in a larger context if you think back to senator rand paul on the drone policy there were a lot of similarities. i think there is a section within the republican party that conservatives can capitalize on, libertarian streak, if you will, but then you've got the neo-cons and some of the reagan-esque camps like john mccains and lindy grams who are going to advocate stringent policies to go after them. but i do think there is a way forfor republicans to capitalize on this, bring some over to the middle and some from the left who really believe in making sure in due process for everyone. >> cenk: when you look at the politics of this, it's amazing. --the bush years republicans are like, security, we need security. don't worry about your rights. now obama has democrats sayin
obama and another letter to the republican senator from mississippi, roger wicker. the mail set off alarms at a screening facility. never came close to the white house or capitol hill. but a season source is telling fox news the substance in the letters is absolutely, unequivocally, ricin. police and neighbors describing the guy as a paranoid loner who thought the government was out to get him, trying to ruin his reputation. as for the body part conspiracy there was word he was deeply disturbed from his time working in a hospital. both letters saying, quote to see a wrong and not disclose is it is to become a partner to its continuance. it ended, i am kc and i approve this message. john roberts is live in mississippi. what can we say about this now today, john? >> we're learning all kinds of things about this fella and the possibility as well learned in court, overhearing conversation between the u.s. attorney and the judge there may be -- not confirmed -- a fourth letter out there some one. kevin kurtis had the appears, official charges, threatening the life of the president. we ov
the bloomberg-obama background check. when that happened, it never had a chance. >> timing means a lot. i am not sure whether republicans, any republicans will pay a price for this, or any democrats. i think charles had it right. it is a one issue vote for people who view their gun rights is threatened. if it is part of a larger picture of republicans as s, if there ist not an immigration bill, democrats will be able to profit from it. >> does the president take responsibility for this? >> he lost. whether you win or lose matters a lot, especially in the second term where -- with his ability to get things done. d you lost on the weakest of all the items. i think mark is right. this was a test. republicans, the ones that wanted to filibuster made a huge mistake and were saved by harry reid. it was a disaster to propose a filibuster. there are samet democrats that'll end up undermining it and you will have to -- you know there are senate democrats of will end up undermining it. it was a very short sighted on the part of those that propose filibuster. >> one point and that is there a lot of act
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